Top Signs Your Electric Water Heater Could Be Experiencing Electrical Problems

In spite of the fact that many people use hot water in their homes every day, the sad truth is that they rarely give their water heaters the right maintenance attention. All they do is keep operating the appliances until they break down due to negligence. Water heaters that are not regularly and properly maintained may demand very costly repairs or may need to be replaced prematurely. This hurts the wallets of the ignorant users. 

If your water heater is powered by electricity, you should avoid performing any required safety and operation checks by yourself. Instead, you should ask a qualified electrician to perform the hot water maintenance checks on your behalf. The reason is that electricity is a major safety hazard and, like any other average homeowner, you may not be well-versed with how electric water heaters work. But that does not necessarily mean you have no role to play in ensuring your hot water system is working efficiently—it is your job to assess whether or not your appliance needs maintenance or repair service. 

Here is a look at some sure-fire symptoms that your water heater is experiencing electrical problems.

Unsteady water temperatures

If the temperature of the water coming out of your faucets is not steady, it could be because of faulty heating components. One of the elements that is often to blame for this is the thermostat. The thermostat is the electrical component that is responsible for regulating the temperature of the water you get from your hot water system. If your thermostat has gone haywire, the water will be too hot or too cold. Electric water heater thermostats can be quite difficult to locate, as they are not readily accessible—all the more reason why you need a qualified electrician to inspect your water heater.

Noisy operation

It is perfectly normal for your electric water heater to generate a little noise when it is running. But if the appliance starts to make loud, unusual sounds while it is in operation, you should be able to tell that something somewhere is amiss. Usually, the excessive noise is caused by a buildup of scale on the heating elements. The elements will need to be removed so as to stop the appliance from working noisily. 

No hot water at all

If there's absolutely no hot water coming from your hot water system, it could be that you have some loose or faulty wiring or electrical component. The electricity that is required to power the system and heat up the cold water may not be getting to the appliance. A professional electrician can help you identify the exact trouble spots causing this problem, so your water heater is up and running properly again.