4 Home Appliance Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

Learning how to maintain a house can be time consuming, but it will save you a lot of money on repairs. Maintenance helps you to capitalise on time by efficiently reducing the budget you spend on repairs on a regular basis. Issues always come up, but with a regular maintenance program, one can avoid expensive repairs on home appliances. Here are some of the maintenance tips on home appliances that a home owner could use to help them avoid spending too much on repairs.


Dryers ought to be serviced regularly. This could be done by cleaning off fluff from the dryer to reduce clogs in the vent pipes. Replacing the vent pipes may be done on an annual basis. However, once every month, you should use a vent brush to reach the areas beyond the lint just to ensure no other unwanted materials are stuck in there. Keeping the vent pipes clear aid in drying clothes faster as clogged vents prevent humidity from escaping. Also, excessive blockage might lead to the machine breaking down.


You can regularly move the refrigerator from the wall—say once in every three months—and vacuum the floor underneath. You can also remove dirt from the coils by using a small accessory like a toothbrush. Dirt and dust coat the coils giving them some sort of insulation that make the compressor work overtime to regulate temperature in the refrigerator. The compressor might spoil as a result, which might force you to call an electrician to repair it or get a whole new fridge altogether. Maintaining cleanliness on the fridge will save you a lot of money and even increase the durability of the appliance.


Dishwashers ought to be cleaned regularly by using one of several methods used to remove the build-up of hard water. One such method is by running it through a high temperature cycle. One could also use other commercial products recommended for the same problem. Some of these products can be easily acquired from your local supermarket. It might cost you a few dollars, but it will save you a new dishwasher in the long-run.


Vents should also be cleaned regularly and this can be done using a vent brush. Removing dust and dirt from the vents will ensure smooth air and humidity flow through the vents and this will lessen the risk of getting moulds in the showers. It will also reduce the chances of replacing the vents in the process.

If you have questions about appliance repairs, make sure you consult with a professional.