How to Store Electric Rotating Equipment Until It Is Installed

Are you a hobbyist who has bought electrical rotating equipment, such as motors, that you will use later? Read on and discover some key precautions that you should take in order to preserve the condition of that machinery during prolonged storage.

Use Space Heaters

It is advisable to use any space heaters that your machinery came with if you are going to store that machinery for a long time. Those space heaters will raise the temperature of the equipment so that condensation doesn't form on the windings or insulation of your equipment. Buy space heaters and use them in the way recommended by the manufacturer of your equipment in case the machinery came without space heaters.

Apply Anti-Corrosion Protection

Some equipment components, such as the shafts, may develop corrosion and rust if the machinery is kept in an environment with contaminants or high humidity. Such a problem can be avoided by applying anti-corrosion agents to all the machined parts that are susceptible to rust or corrosion. Refer to the manual of your equipment for the recommended protection that you can use while your equipment is in storage.

Rotate Moving Parts

It is advisable to conduct preventive maintenance, such as rotating all moving parts, while your electrical rotating equipment is in storage. Such a habit will ensure that the moving parts retain a film of lubricant on their entire surface so that damage to casings is avoided. Rotating the moving components also shifts the weight of the part to other sections of the casing so that uneven wear is avoided during storage.

Open the Drain Pan

Condensation may still form within your electric rotating machinery despite all your efforts to prevent it from happening. For instance, condensation may form when the space heaters go off during a power outage. Such condensation can collect in the drain pan of your equipment. This condensation may be harmless if it is removed before the pan fills and overflows onto other parts of the equipment. You should therefore open the drain pan periodically, such as weekly, so that any condensation can be promptly removed before it causes your machines to rust.

Use the tips above to reduce the likelihood that your electrical rotating machinery will deteriorate during prolonged storage. It may also be advisable for you to ask an experienced electrician to check that machinery periodically so that he or she can spot and rectify any developing defects that you may be unable to detect due to your inexperience.