Residential Electric Lighting Marketplace: Why LED Lighting Is Phasing Out Traditional Incandescent Lighting

The traditional choice of electric lighting systems for most residential buildings has been incandescent lighting. But given that this kind of electric lighting is the least energy efficient, many modern homeowners are turning to more energy efficient electric lighting systems available on the market. One such electric lighting system is LED lighting. 

In recent years, an increasing number of people have been upgrading from incandescent lighting systems to LED lighting. LED lighting systems have taken the traditional lighting market by storm because of the many essential benefits that LED lighting has to offer, including but not limited to improved energy efficiency. 

Read on to acquaint yourself with some other huge perks of using LED lighting in homes.

Longer lifespan

As compared to conventional incandescent light bulbs, quality LED light bulbs are generally more durable and last longer. The extended lifetime of LEDs will drastically slash maintenance costs and lower lifecycle operating costs compared to typical incandescent light bulbs. This makes LED lighting an economical choice for homes, despite the higher initial outlay required.

Safety and comfort

A major issue with incandescent light bulbs is that they are often too hot to touch when turned on for several hours. This usually happens because the visible light that incandescent light bulbs produce is converted into radiated heat. That also explains why it usually feels uncomfortably hot staying in a room lit using incandescent bulbs.  Improved safety and comfort is another added bonus that LED light bulbs have to offer. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LEDs produce very little heat hence they are cool to touch and can remain on for several hours without increasing indoor temperatures. LEDs minimise the potential for safety hazards, such as burns and even fires.

Quality of lighting

LED light bulbs produce light in a specific direction, minimising the need for diffusers and reflectors that can filter light. This attribute makes LEDs give out a better quality of lighting compared to many conventional types of lighting, such as incandescent lighting, which requires the light to be reflected to the intended direction and a significant amount of light may still never leave the lamps or fixtures.

Clearly, there are good reasons as to why LED lighting is over the traditional lighting marketplace. If you have not yet switched from incandescent lighting systems to LEDs, it is never too late to start enjoying one of the best electric residential lighting systems available on the market today.