Should You Start Planning for an Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

Homes are highly dependent on electrical power for lighting, running essential appliances and charging a myriad of devices. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not inspect or perform maintenance on this system as long as the plugged-in items are operating. If you have neglected your electrical structure in the past, you should think about assessing your wiring. Faulty wiring is hazardous for the property, even when everything seems to be working correctly. Identifying wiring problems and resolving them fast can prevent issues such as fires and other anomalies. Here are the common indicators that you should start planning for an electrical rewiring project. 

Functional Warning Signs

There are some warning signs which you will notice if your building has faulty electrical wiring. Often, homeowners assume that the inconsistency in function is normal due to changes in weather or other factors. It is prudent to hire an electrician to look into the problems and provide a reliable verdict. In general, faulty wiring will cause the circuit breakers to trip frequently and fuses to blow. You might also notice a tingling sensation when you touch your appliances or smell burning when using some of your household machines. Additionally, dimming and flickering lights and sparking outlets indicate that the wiring is not performing optimally. 

Old Electrical Structure

If you have an old home, the electrical system might also be outdated. 'Ancient' wiring should be replaced as soon as possible because it does not comply with modern electrical standards and needs. Check the type of wires running through the old building. If they are made from aluminium instead of the standard copper, you should consider an upgrade. Aluminium wiring tends to loosen up with time which makes the receptacles more susceptible to overheating and fires. You should also confirm that there are no two-prong outlets. These sockets are ungrounded and can expose users to electrical shock. Also, if there are no ground fault circuit interrupters in your wet areas, your wiring is probably old and facing imminent failure.

Insufficient Power Outlets

Your home might have new wiring without significant functional issues. However, there might be insufficient power outlets for your needs, necessitating a wiring upgrade. In simple terms, the modern home has countless items which require power, including computers, device chargers, home theatres, TVs and cooking appliances. Unfortunately, numerous houses do not have the right number of outlets to support this demand comfortably. This lack translates into use of multiple extensions, which can be dangerous. An upgrade can eliminate the dangerous use of power strips.