5 Signs That Your Home Needs Electrical Rewiring

Electrical malfunctions are the leading cause of house fires. Most of the time, the culprit is your home's electrical wiring. Problems with electrical wiring can easily go unnoticed unless you know the symptoms. 

To prevent serious electrical problems from developing in your home, you need to stay one step ahead. Since your home's wiring is hidden behind your walls, it can be difficult to identify potential issues. There are some noticeable signs you can look out for. 

Here are 5 common signs that your home needs electrical rewiring. 

The Switches and Outlets Appear Discoloured

Discoloured outlets are often a result of degraded wiring or loose connections. These loose wiring connections allow electricity to escape in the form of sparks, creating small fires that burn and discolour the outlets and switches. Loose connections cause further degradation of electrical wiring over time. The worse the problem gets, the bigger the sparks grow, and the bigger the sparks, the higher the chances of fire and shock hazards.

Reacting quickly if you see a discoloured switch or outlet may save your life, as it is the first sign that something is wrong. 

There's a Persistent Burning Smell in Your Home

When the loose connection and faulty wiring are close to an outlet or switch, sparks burn the outlet's plastic. However, loose connections or faulty wiring may be inside your walls, where you won't be able to see the symptoms. While you may not always see electrical burning, you can smell it. 

If you smell a persistent yet faint smell of burnt plastic in your home, you're probably facing a problem with your electrical wiring. A sparking wire could slowly be burning away its plastic inside your walls. If you notice this smell, call an electrician immediately, and start planning for a home rewiring. 

The Lights in Your House Are Flickering

Since lighting circuits have a lower rating compared to outlet circuits, they'll typically be the first to show signs that your home is in need of rewiring. Lights can dim or flicker when your bulbs aren't connected properly. If they are properly connected, the flickering may be a result of faulty wiring, which is more dangerous. Electrical wiring can deteriorate over time, causing issues with your lighting, especially if your home is wired with an outdated electrical system such as knob-and-tube wiring or aluminium wiring. 

The Circuit Breaker Trips Persistently

If your circuit breaker trips once in a while, it is probably normal. A circuit breaker is a line of defence against cases of electrical overloading. However, if it trips often, it may indicate that your home needs electrical rewiring. 

There Is an Electrical Shock From a Cord

Electrical shocks can range from mild to severe or even deadly. If you experience any electrical shock from touching a cord connected to the socket, you should be concerned. Ensure you call an electrician immediately to inspect your home's electrical wiring.

When it comes to your home's electrical wiring you need to stay alert. If you notice any of the above problems or suspect that your electrical wiring is faulty, call an electrician to inspect it or undertake a home rewiring. 

To learn more about electrical rewiring, contact an electrician.