Do You Have Hidden Secrets Lurking Behind Your Walls?

People who live in an older home with some character, frequently wish that "those walls could talk." They'd love to find out some of the building's secrets and learn about previous occupants, but perhaps they should be more concerned with what is actually behind those walls. If you are a new owner of such a historic house and have not carried out any renovations yet, why do you need to worry about your electrical installation?

Different Standards

When your home was built, the contractors would have wired it in accordance with standards and techniques that were common in that day. They may have installed a small number of outlets, as electrical gadgets were few and far between then, and the entire building was rated accordingly.

Fast forward to today, however, and the modern family is far more energy-hungry. You may have multiple devices attached to your entertainment centre, for example, and are feeding these through extension cords to a small number of outlets.

Better Days

Meanwhile, behind the false wall is an electrical wiring installation that has seen its better days. The insulation may have deteriorated, while insects or mice may have played their part as well. In short, your entire home is in need of some attention, and you should call in an electrician to effect some repairs.

Tell-Tale Signs

If you find that some of those electrical outlets are warm to the touch, you should be concerned. If some of the said outlets are dead, then this could be due to arcing behind the faceplate. Sometimes, lights may dim or flicker due to corroded or loose connections, and if you are not careful, this type of scenario could result in a fire.

Your home will probably have an out of date circuit board fitted with conventional fuses. You may need to reset those on a far too frequent basis, and this is, once again, a warning sign that you should not ignore. Instead, you should replace that entire board and introduce circuit breakers, or even new circuits altogether to take into account your increased need.

Take Care of Issues Behind the Walls

Don't leave anything to chance, as it is high time that a professional had a good look behind those walls. Bring in home electrical repair services and they will advise you accordingly. If you do need to get your entire home rewired, then this will be a much safer approach.