When Should You Hire an Emergency Electrician? 4 Signs of Electrical Issues in the House

Electricity illuminates your home and powers your heating and cooling system and other critical appliances in your house. While it plays such critical roles in homes, if mishandled, electrical energy can also cause a lot of destruction. Malfunctioned electrical systems have led to numerous electrical fires in Australia. 

Most of the electrical dangers are not easy to identify. But you can still learn from a professional how to spot these issues to repair them early enough. That way, you spend less money on repairs. Below are the top signs that you should call an expert electrician.

Hot Outlets

Normal operations of electrical appliances cause heat generation. But the electrical outlet shouldn't get hot at any point. When the outlets start getting hot, unplug all the cords attached to them. Avoid using these outlets until the issue is fixed. It is also important to check the dimmer switches. Dimmer switches usually feel warm, but they shouldn't feel too hot. Once they become too hot to touch, call an electrical expert to identify and repair the problem.

Lights Flicker

Unlike in the movies, flickering lights don't indicate a ghostly presence. Flickering lights are usually a sign of loose electric connections. Repairing one flickering bulb is straightforward. But if multiple bulbs in different rooms are flickering, you might be dealing with a circuit problem. If every bulb in your home flickers, then it could be an issue with the breaker box. An expert electrician can find the main cause of the flickering lights and fix it. 

Burning Smell

Always pay attention to unusual smells, especially those coming from the electrical outlets. Sometimes new electrical appliances can produce weird odours. But if the smell is coming from the outlets, it could be a severe issue. A burning smell is usually produced when something is overheating. The first thing to do in such cases is to stop using these outlets as soon as possible and then switch off that outlet's power. Once you do that, call a qualified electrician to fix the problem. Otherwise, the issue can quickly develop into a fire.

Rodent Gnaw Marks

If you notice rodent droppings around your electrical wiring, it is crucial to examine the cables for bite marks. Most rodents tend to chew on wires until they are bare. Though the rodent may not survive after this point, they leave your wires exposed. Exposed electrical cables can spark, then overheat, increasing the risk of electrical fires. So, call an electrician to fix any exposed wires if you notice any.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, always call an electrical expert. The experts have the skills and experience to fix electrical issues safely and timely.

Contact a local electrician for more information.