How to Light up Your New Commercial Car Park for Best Effect

If you plan to open a new, standalone retail store with its own car park, you need to pay close attention to its configuration. You need to ensure that the parking area is practical, safe and well laid out, and you also need to ensure that it is well lit when you operate during the hours of darkness. What do you need to know about choosing pole lights and configuring them for the most efficient use?

Initial Planning

You will need to focus on safety as you begin to map out your lighting coverage. Much will depend on the size and configuration of your car park if you are to provide optimal, all-around coverage in all conditions. Certainly, you may need to consider any neighbours and whether your activity may be intrusive to them. For example, you may have to install lights that are configured to shine in one direction but not another if privacy is an issue.

Pole Configuration

You'll also need to calculate the height of each pole based on how wide an area it has to illuminate. It'll need to be of sufficient height to flood the relevant area but not too low so that it presents a glare to visitors. Also, ensure that the supporting pole is made of high quality, long-lasting and sturdy material to avoid any issues with high winds or stormy weather.

Choice of Bulbs

LED bulbs are certainly the way to go. They are much longer-lasting than the alternative and cost less to run as well. Remember, these lights may be on for more than half a day in the wintertime, and you will certainly need to keep those bills as low as possible.

Timing and Activation

Some people choose to put their car park lights on a flexible timer, so they come on and go off at predictable times of the day. Others may add an individual solar power collector, which may eliminate the need to use public electricity altogether. If fitting those, consider adding photocells to the top of each lamp standard, as these can automatically sense the presence of sunlight and activate the lamp as needed.


Once you've decided where to put your lights and how they will be controlled, bring in a commercial electrician. This expert will help to get the lights erected and connected, so you'll be ready to open up your business to the world.

For more information, contact commercial electricians near you.