5 Reasons to Fit Your Home with an Energy Monitor

Energy monitors are easy enough to understand. They keep track of how much energy you are using, and many modern monitors also break down exactly where that energy is being consumed. You might not have considered having one installed in your home, but they offer a wide range of benefits.

Here are just five reasons to think about fitting a home energy monitor.

1. Enjoy Real-Time Feedback

Every type of energy monitor can provide real-time feedback to show how you are using energy, and the latest models can even identify the unique electrical signatures of each device in your home. Data can then be read on the monitor or analysed through a compatible smartphone or computer. That real-time feedback provides a greater sense of accountability. You'll simply be better able to resist using high-energy devices when you can see the impact they have. You can also take note of exactly how your choices affect energy consumption, then work to change them.

2. Identify Inefficient Devices

Since energy monitors can measure how much electricity is consumed by individual devices and fittings, you can easily zero in on the ones that should be replaced. Once you notice just how much an old refrigerator or fluorescent lights are costing, you can swap them out to make sure your home is considerably more efficient.

3. Track Your Progress

While you should already know to turn off lights as you leave a room and avoid leaving devices on standby when they really don't need to be on at all, it can be tricky to stick to such habits. Energy monitors make things easier since you can track your progress over time. Those forgotten lights might not seem like such a big energy drain, but you might feel differently after seeing what an impact they make over several weeks or months.

4. Stop Leaving Devices On  

It can be easy enough to accidentally leave something on, but home energy monitors can help avoid such unnecessary energy consumption, especially when used with a smartphone app. By making quick checks, you can tell if a fridge or light has been left on. Checking how energy is being used before leaving the house can become an easy way to eliminate unnecessary costs.

5. Improves Your Budgeting

When you don't have an energy monitor, you'll never know exactly how much you'll be charged until your energy bill arrives. However, most monitors show how much you are consuming in dollars and cents. This doesn't just provide an added incentive to be more efficient, it also helps you budget and means you're not going to be unpleasantly surprised when you open your bill.

For more information, contact an electrician near you.