How to Light up Your New Commercial Car Park for Best Effect

If you plan to open a new, standalone retail store with its own car park, you need to pay close attention to its configuration. You need to ensure that the parking area is practical, safe and well laid out, and you also need to ensure that it is well lit when you operate during the hours of darkness. What do you need to know about choosing pole lights and configuring them for the most efficient use?

Commercial Electricians: 3 Common Problems They Can Fix

Industrial and commercial buildings are prone to frequent electrical issues, especially because of the complex electrical infrastructure. Therefore, you need commercial electricians to carry out routine checks to ensure a safe work environment. If electrical components are not adequately maintained, there is an increased risk of fires, costly damage and injuries to employees. Here are three common electrical issues in commercial buildings that an electrician should fix urgently: Overcrowded Electrical Wiring